Faux chocolate chip cookie dough!

c.hall 2015
c.hall 2015

Today is game day-rugby and the All-Ireland, so there’s definitely going to be some snacking! I can’t be the only one who likes to eat cookie dough, right? Below is a recipe for cookie dough-vegan, gluten free, and EGG FREE!! It’s also full of vitamins, protein, fiber, and anti-oxidants. I chilled the bowl of faux dough overnight before rolling it into balls, chilling it-even just for a half hour-really enhances the flavor. This snack is really rich so a little goes a long way!

Faux choc-chip cookie dough:

1X 225g (small)can chickpeas

3 heaped tablespoons peanut butter

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

2 teaspoons maple syrup

Tablespoon of cacao nibs

I chopped about 2 squares of dark chocolate into it too

In your food processor, blitz the chickpeas until smooth. Remove from food processor into mixing bowl, and add in rest of ingredients-you can add a few more drops of agave nectar if you like it a little sweeter but the maple syrup really does that job! Place in fridge for at least half an hour. Shape into walnut sized balls (you can make bars, but it is a really filling dough!) and enjoy! That’s it! So easy!


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