Raw cacao hot chocolate using OAT MILK

c.hall 2015
c.hall 2015

Last night I had a really vivid dream of swimming pretty fiercely, and I think I was actually kicking in my sleep because I woke up and my ankle was not happy with me! Between that and the cold spell this evening, I’m really feeling where I had ankle surgery (yuck!). So I needed a pick me up! Hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows is always a winner! I didn’t have any non-dairy milk left, so I decided to make a Saturday project: OAT MILK! I’ve been seeing it in stores and have bought it in the past, so I decided why not! I do(and can) drink dairy, but my body tolerates non-dairy so much better.

So here is a recipe for oat milk.  I warmed up a cup and added raw cacao powder and coconut sugar to, and made hot chocolate! (I topped it off with marshmallows but that’s totally up to you!)

3 cups rolled porridge oats

I used about 8 cups of water (the water should cover the oats)

pinch of salt

In a large bowl, soak the oats, water, and salt for about 6 hours (overnight if you can!). Then blitz the mix in a blender for about 3 minutes. Pass through a sieve into a jug-and that’s your oat milk!

c.hall 2015
c.hall 2015

You can sweeten it, or flavor it with vanilla, cinnamon, etc!

*I used the ‘mulsh’/oats in sieve to make my oat pancakes (I hate wasting food!)! Click here for that pancake recipe!

c. hall 2015
c. hall 2015

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