On Sunday I attended BLOGGERCONF. The event took place in the Marker Hotel, Dublin, which is stunning!

There was a great line up of speakers: Barbara Scully, Samantha Kelly from Tweeting Goddess, and Niamh from Gourmet Grazing, as well as Simeon Quarrie from Canon, Anouska from …just to name NOT even a handful! The MC was the FAB James Patrice. It was Emma O’Farrell who organized the event, and she is a SUPER WOMAN.

It was such an inspiring and motivating day. Hearing everyone talk and network with other bloggers really made me want to come home, cook up a storm, work on my photography (definitely want to get a new piece or two of equipment within next couple of months!), and get typing on my computer! I am so happy I attended. Not to mention I won an incredible Caravelle NY watch, which is gorgeous. And so perfect for keeping track of time when I stick a dish in the oven!

I will definitely be keeping my eye on events such as this, it’s a great way to meet others in similar shoes. Speaking of shoes, the fashion was ON POINT! I was in my element being surrounded by fashion and makeup bloggers, although I am a food blogger, I do love my bit of shopping and browsing the magazines over a coffee.

I have some EXCITING plans/ideas in mind for my blog over the next couple of months, so if you haven’t subscribed to, be sure to do so! Also follow me on Instagram and Twitter 🙂

It was an incredible event, so thank you to all the organizers, sponsors(goodie bags were AWESOME!), and my fellow bloggers-great meeting you! And keep in touch! xx


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