c.hall 2016

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well! I feel like I’ve somewhat neglected my Blog, (I haven’t written since December!!)! Sorry to keep you waiting!

So to update: I am brainstorming a few recipes, just need to test and tweak a  little more and there will be a post in the next week!

I am also taking on a couple of exciting projects outside of the blog (and on top of my job as a pastry chef), but my blog will be updated frequently now that I’m getting back into routine after the holidays. Be to sure to subscribe to my blog so you can get the latest recipes/news/offers!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday season. I cooked my first big Christmas meal, and I am fairly happy with how it came out!! I also had my Cinnamon Rolls be featured in West Cork Times-definitely worth giving a go!!

Here’s what my menu looked like:

1 10 lb turkey

3 types of potatoes: rosemary gratin, spinach and potato gratin, mashed potato

a whole heap of herb-filled stuffing

brussel sprouts and almonds

spiced red cabbage

a medley of roasted winter veg


The spinach and potato gratin was the winner of the sides: it was just the right consistency of of creaminess, the potatoes were a little al dente, and the spinach added that tanginess. I would love to hear what your favorite dishes were around the holiday, and if you would like me to share any of these recipes?! Do get in touch!

c.hall 2016

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