Radio appearance AND COMPETITION time!!

On Sunday I did my first radio appearance! Ahhh! I was a a total ball of nerves, and I’m sure my answers come across a little vague/a bit all over the map due to that. BUT I had a  blast and it was SOOO cool to see another side of the industry. I can totally see myself doing it again,as it’s such an exciting way to promote and be part of the food industry.

But for now, listen in to the February 14th Segment, and enter the competition!! It’s such a an awesome prize, if I do say so myself! You can win a one-on-one photography session with me 🙂 All you have to do is cook one of my recipes, and post your best picture on The Food Hour’s Facebook Wall(you can find that link HERE). The deadline is Sunday, February 21, so get cookin’! Have fun, and good luck!!



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