Catching up!

Hello! Sorry for the lack of blog posts! will have recipes up over the next couple of days! I have been traveling, pretty much for the last three weeks to and from California, and through Ireland.

I was in San Francisco for my brother’s wedding, which was just a beautiful ceremony! I also was so thrilled that my borther and his wife(my new sixth sis!) asked me to make their wedding cake! It was a first for me, so not totally stress free, but so much fun, and it came out better than I expected. Wedding cakes and celebration cakes are something I do see myself doing during the coming year. (*So get in touch if you live in Beara/Cork if you have a special day coming up!*)

It was the first time I was in San Francisco, my hometown, in two years! I pigged out on really delicious food, and had a lot of family and friend time. Upon returning back to Ireland, I realize I have fallen back in love with The City by the Bay. So thank you to all my family and friends for showing me all that SF has, and how awesome of a city it is!

I also attended a friend’s wedding just outside of Cork. East Cork is such a beautiful part of the country, and their venue was nothing short of beautiful.

And lastly, I spent Paddy’s weekend in Dublin with my twin sister. You cannot beat family time. I had such a great time with the twin and exploring Dublin.  Dublin is such a cool city, with some delicious foodie spots, so this visit really did not disappoint!

I’ll have some new recipes up on the blog over the next couple of days. I am also going to give my blog a little makeover, just to make it a little easier to navigate/find those specific recipes!

And stay tuned for all food news(some cool things on the way!) by subscribing!

Happy Easter!! xoxo





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