A New Direction


There’s been a little radio silence on my blog, as I have been making somewhat of a big transition! I’ve always been a ‘foodie’, but in recent years, I haven’t had the healthiest relationship with my meals, snacks, and drinks(alcoholic and non). I ate when I was tired, out of boredom, or simply because something looked good. I broke my ankle in June 2015, and my health, physically and mentally, spiraled out of control. I reached my heaviest I’ve ever been (I’ve always been a little chubbier, and never an athlete, and even in my slim days I wasn’t treating my body right) weight wise. Even though it seemed my blog was taking off in Ireland and that I was happy, I was actually pretty miserable.

I moved back to California with a goal in mind: gain back my happiness and confidence(as well as lose a few lbs for my sister’s wedding in fall 2017). I hired an amazing personal trainer, and since December have been working out with her twice a week, as well as doing at home and other gym workouts. I’ve also cleaned up my diet- I avoid processed sugars and white flour and I’ve cut WAY back on my alcohol intake. I’m feeling so much stronger, happier(food has such a bigger role on mentality than I realized), and much more energetic! I’ve also gone FROM A SIZE 14 TO A SIZE 6(ROUGHLY 25 LBS)!! I haven’t focused so much on the number of the scale as much as I have about my level of confidence/how I look in those jeans.

Being much fit and healthier has pushed me to have much more of a direction/have a sense of clarity with what I want my role to be in the food industry. I look at food as fuel nowadays, instead of a stress buster/to pass time.

With that, from now on, cookin’ with me will be MUCH HEALTHIER, CLEANER; and I’m hoping to offer tips and tricks of fitness (like proper form) that I’ve learned so far!


-Chia puddings have been one of my pre-workouts!



3 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. Bruce Hill

    Good for you Carmel! I have also cut out gluten, sugar and dairy from my diet (temporarily, not permanently) and am cooking more vegetarian meals nowadays. I also work out twice a week with a personal trainer and once by myself, plus a do at least two and sometimes three one kilometre swims a week, Weight training is working well for me, and my record for deadlifts is 150kg! I still struggle with weight, I took it off and then allowed myself to balloon back up. It’s like alcoholism – it’s a life long commitment to manage a chronic condition. Plus, like all of us who have gone to Ballymaloe, I just LOVE food! But we can use our knowledge of food to assist the journey to proper weight control and fitness. Food is very much a key part of that process. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s clearly getting good results.

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  2. Joan Leone

    Dear Carmel. GOOD FOR YOU!!! This is encouraging to all of us who look to food as comfort and when we should be sleeping are still up working and then eating our 4th meal in 24 hours!!!!!

    Looking forward to future menu’s and tips.]

    Keep up the good work…


    Joan Leone

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