Pecan Mylk

I love experimenting with non-dairy milks at home-it usually comes out a lot tastier and cheaper than store bought! Earlier this month, I made Coconut Milk for the first time, and really liked it! I have a bunch of coconut meat in the freezer, so I want to make it again soon.

I ran out of my Almond Milk; didn’t take the coconut meat out of the freezer; so reached for the Costco sized bag of Pecans! Mine came out a little grittier than I expected, as I didn’t strain it, but I don’t mind because I like pecans. It was a lot creamier than almond milk, and made my smoothies like milkshakes!



2 cups of pecans

3 /12 cups of water


Soak the pecans overnight in the water. The next day, in a food processor, blitz the pecans and water until pecans are broken down. You’ll need a bit of patience to make it totally smooth-or you can strain it through a fine sieve or cheese cloth. That’s pretty much it!




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