My #RecipeoftheDay is my KptnCook Feature!

Did you all notice my blog’s makeover?! It’s a little bit sleeker, don’t ya think?

I am hooked on zoodles this summer! You can really do anything to them! Pad Thai is one of my favorite comfort dishes.

My Pad Thai Courgetti/Zoodles is my #RecipeoftheDay, featured by KptnCook! I always love the way the Kptns capture recipes! Thanks again! Go check it out! They also recently featured my Courgetti with Sundried Tomatoes and Tumeric Chicken.

You guys will love both zoodle recipes, so easy but full of flavor!unnamed-1


As Seen on My DIY Face Masks

Not only is it important to be conscious of what we eat for sustenance on a daily basis, but it’s just as important to pay attention to what our skin is eating!

I recently shared my at-home face masks over on I share a couple of easy and quick face masks, that use a couple of my favorite spices! Most, if not all, are probably spices and ingredients already in your pantry.

Perfect little pick me up midweek or that ‘me time’ over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Check it out below:

Beautienomics: DIY face masks good enough to eat

Featured recipe on KptnCook!

Ahhh I’m sooo excited-I couldn’t wait to post this any longer.

Holy shiitake! My recipe for Peanut Butter Curry is going to be featured on @kptncookapp TOMORROW! @kptncookapp is an awesome app that shares 30 minute meals everyday-makes healthy and wholesome cooking easy! Go download the app tonight and check it out tomorrow! Also, how gorgeous are these photos the Kptns took?!



A few tips for healthy eating (My West Cork Times Article!)


Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the fad diets going on? You’re not alone, but hopefully at the end of this article and using my simple tips, you will feel inspired and motivated to move to healthier eating habits. Eating healthier and more refined will improve your mood, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll overall feel great-not to mention your skin will glow! Eating the wrongs foods can drive ADHD, depression, and anxiety into high gear. You can feel bloated and uncomfortable.

This past summer I unfortunately broke my ankle-that combined with the annual Regatta season-my healthy lifestyle went out the window. I know, I couldn’t help it, but as my ankle is getting stronger I’m not feeling the greatest emotionally and mentally, and it’s because of my lack of nutrients I was feeding my body. This was very apparent in a recent day in a restaurant I worked in, being a chef you have to think quick and move even faster.

So with these little adjustments, I’ve already started seeing change for the better:

  • Drink more water: add a slice of lemon for a refreshing twist
  • Fill up on colorful vegetables and fruit: the more green, the better! Kale is all the rage right now, and consider sticking it on your smoothies!
  • Moderation: a big bowl of pasta is tempting in the chilly weather (you should only be have about a fistful)–but switch that pasta for one courgette and make courgetti!
  • Cutting back on white flour and white sugar (be keep refined sugars to a minimum): these are two huge bloating machines
  • Avoid unhealthy fats and enjoy more of those healthy fats: replace those chunky oven chips with sweet potato chips!
  • Replace butter with olive oil or coconut oil- there’s only a subtle flavor to coconut oil so don’t be scared!
  • Avoid processed foods and foods high in sodium: it’s so easy to re-create your favorite take-away meal but with a healthier twist and you’ll feel better knowing what actually goes into your body
  • Take your time chewing and don’t rush!
page 48, West Cork Times out now!
page 48, West Cork Times out now!

**For easy and delicious healthy recipe ideas, view my recipes under ‘Saintly’ at! And be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter as CookinwithCarmel for more kitchen inspiration!

Courgetti with sundried tomatoes and grilled chicken (FEATURED IN WOMAN’S WAY)

c.hall 2015
c.hall 2015

With school starting up again, here’s a quick and easy dinner or even lunch idea. It was featured in the June 16th edition of Woman’s Way, and it’s a great go-to!

Courgetti with sundried tomatoes and grilled chicken(single serving):

1 courgette per person

1 garlic-minced

1 chicken breast

4-5 five sundried tomatoes

1 tumeric (adds extra benefits, but can be easily substituted for a Cajun or

any other spice mix)

dash of salt and pepper

1 tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil

Use a mandolin or spiralizer to make the courgetti (if you have neither,

the larger blades on a grater usually work just fine OR a vegetable peeler!)

and set aside. Sprinkle the tumeric, and salt and pepper on the chicken.

Heat olive oil or coconut oil in a pan. Add your garlic, and after a couple of

seconds, add the chicken. Cook through. Toss in the courgetti. Toss in the

sundried tomatoes. Top with pine nuts for an extra crunch.