How-to: Whipped Ricotta Two Ways


Fancy toasts have been on blogs, in cafes, and pictured on Insta for quite some time. Personally I can’t get enough avocado toasts-smashed avocado with a good sprinkle of chili flakes and squeeze of lemon juice. Another variation of these faWncy(pish-posh accent) toasts is using ricotta cheese. It’s my go-to snack as of lately. Sweet or savory, you’ll be making these for yourself for breakfast or lunch on the go, or for the wee ones after school.

I use the Sweet Ricotta on toast or pancakes! I use the Savory mix on toast, bagels, crostini, even as a dip for carrot and celery sticks!

For the photo pictured, I used Irish Soda Bread(my go-to recipe is the one I learned at Ballymaloe!), Irish honey, and wild blackberries that I foraged down in West Cork.

Here is my quick ‘How-to’ for Whipped Ricotta:



All you need is about a cup of ricotta cheese


For Sweet Ricotta:

A teaspoon of vanilla (I like to also scrape a tiny bit of the beans out of the pod to add an extra punch of flavor)

Drizzle of honey, agave nectar

Toppings: Berries, coconut shavings, or almond slivers


For Savory Ricotta:

A teaspoon of lemon juice

A teaspoon of thyme leaves (dried is totally fine, but fresh is that bit nicer!)

Sea salt and pepper

Toppings: Tomatoes, green olives, smoked salmon


What to do:

In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat the ricotta until fluffy (just about 4-5 minutes). Remove the bowl from mixer and add either your Sweet or Savory ingredients.

It’s that easy! And there are so many ways to mix up the flavors. I even sometimes smash berries into the Sweet Mix, it creates a cool color effect.




First look at my recipe eBook!

Here’s a peak at my FIRST recipe eBook! A handful of my blog’s most popular recipes, as well as two exclusive recipes just for the eBook, and some of my favorite pantry essentials!

I wanted to keep the cover clean looking and keep it fairly short. So the theme is quick and easy, and for the most part, it showcases more ‘Saintly’ than ‘Sinful’.

I’m just tweaking the layout and it’ll be ready for purchase!

It’ll be available August 21–keep your eyes out for more updates/news!



In West Cork next week?! I am giving a cooking demonstration on Bere Island! It’ll be at 5pm in the Community Center.

There’s a lot of fun activities on Bere Island happening over the next week, check out the line-up:


First live demo done!

Thank you everyone who came out to my live demo this past Sunday! A huge congrats to Helen and Niamh for organizing a fabulous Bealtaine festival! And thank you to all the speakers who shared their stories with us. It was a wonderful, and such unique weekend to be a part of.

It was my first live demo, and yeah I was a ball of nerves the size of Texas, but it went well!I wanted to give my first demo on Bere Island, because it’s where I started writing and photographing my blog. There was a big crowd, about 30, much bigger than I anticipated. Once I got a little more comfortable and my nerves calmed, it was a fun hour! So I’ll be publishing my recipes over the next couple of days, so stay tuned!

Thank you again for those who attended. Hope you learned something new, and are inspired to use what’s on our front doorstep here in West Cork!

Coming up on the blog this week:







It is certianly not the last demo I’ll be doing, so stay subscribed!


Demo this Sunday!

What are your weekend plans?

Mark your calendars: the Celtic Festival of Bealtaine on Bere Island this May bank holiday weekend!

I’m giving a cookery demonstration on Sunday at 1pm, and it’s sure to be YUMMY! You’ll walk away with a print-out of my recipes, and try some samples!

All my recipes are going to be guilt-free, and the natural ingredients can be sourced from your back yard!

Details below, and hope to see some of you there:

Awakening Traditions: Bealtaine Festival on Bere Island

Support local: A write-up of Kylemore Acres Ltd.

c.hall 2015 I added bell peppers to my Kylemore Acres Ltd.'s 'Vinadaloo Chicken Curry', and served it with a carrot salad and basmati rice.
c.hall 2015
I added bell peppers to my Kylemore Acres Ltd.’s ‘Vinadaloo Chicken Curry’, and served it with a carrot salad and basmati rice.

One of the spices I love to explore is a curry mix, and there are so many different routes you can go with a curry. As much as I love cooking and experimenting with flavors, herbs, spices and techniques sometimes you can’t beat a something that has been made for you! I’ve always a fancied a curry with a kick, and the ‘Chicken Vindaloo Curry; from Kylemore Acres Ltd. definitely fits that bill! Between the complex flavors, which really pack a heat and hit all the right notes, and the full body after letting it simmer, you really have a treat at home that takes you somewhere exotic!

I am absolutely about supporting local, 100%. After speaking to the owner, Joe, I was humbled and inspired. Their every effort of growing, drying, and aging their own herbs and creating their own mixes truly shine. The hours, time, and travel put into their products are truly stimulating!

I will definitely be adding Kylemore Acres Ltd on my grocery list after recently trying it! I suggest you check them out! I was very happy with the ‘Chicken Vindaloo Curry’ that I received as a gift from my sister after her visit to the English Market in Cork-I can’t wait to try the ‘Irish Lamb Stew’.

Many thanks Kylemore Acres Ltd and Joe for taking the time to talk!

*For more information where you can purchase Kylemore Acres Ltd(which you should, and have it as a pantry essential), please send me a message via my contact page!